ConnectAI Talk #2: How AI is transforming manufacturing?

It’s a fact. AI and machine learning are improving operational efficiency and have a significant impact on launching new products, customizing product designs and planning future financial actions to progress on our AI transformation. We have to be aware that more than half of the European manufacturers (51%) are implementing AI solutions, following Japan (30%) and the US (28%). 

Industries and manufacturing in particular are developing and deploying various solutions for factories of the future or factories 4.0. The main role in both is being addressed by artificial intelligence that is trying to understand behavior and predict and plan optimal actions in industry complex systems through so-called Digital Twins. 

Companies however are not isolated systems. Their success relies on national, regional and global market development, global supply chains, regulations, natural and social systems, and many more. This is why a broader context should be understood which can only be addressed by the dynamic global/sectoral Digital Twins. 

Our speakers will discuss some of the major challenges and demonstrate some at the edge solutions in the larger context of such industry Digital Twins.

Guest speakers:

  • John Soldatos, IoT and AI Expert (Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, Finance 4.0) – ICT & Business Consultant
  • Blaž Fortuna, CEO at Qlector (a startup developing AI based solutions for manufacturing) & senior researcher at Jožef Stefan Institute
  • The discussion will be moderated by Carsten Bartsch, entrepreneur, consultant and academic always looking for the next major digital disruption. 

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Enter the world of AI in business and business of AI in a discussion where people behind AI will connect us all on October 20 at 4pm CET. 

After the registration, you will receive more detailed information and a link to follow the conversation. It will also be possible to ask questions. 

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