Culture Moves: Organizational Change and Performance

Advanced Management Workshop – Exclusive for C – Level
With renowned Associate Professor Spencer Harrison | Europe Campus | INSEAD

Managing Culture and Organisational Growth: The relation between culture and strategy.

With positive organizational change you will learn how to find pockets of “positive cultural deviancy”.


Organizational culture is important.
Strong culture can increase net income by 765% over ten years.
Culture is a double edged sword: it provides an organization with a shared set of values which provides a sense of stability while at the same time this stability can limit change and adaptation.


In a format of an interactive and engaging learning experience through the insights from Design Thinking and research on positive organizational change.


Building a toolkit that you will use to map your organizational culture and how you can change with new set of assumptions. Rather than thinking of change as a top-down response to an urgent external threat, we will explore change as a conversation between all layers of the organization to locate internally the most exciting, energizing ideas that already exist in the culture.


It is no longer a debate. Data clearly shows that organizations that get culture right, perform better. But that doesn’t make managing culture easy. Indeed, data shows that strong cultures lead to better performance but also hamper change. And change-focused cultures lead to adaptation but lessen commitment. With all these paradoxes in play, most executives feel powerless to impact culture and preferring to wait for the CEO to simply send out an announcement or authorize a “refresh.” Professor Harrison outlines a theory of “how culture moves” inside and outside of organizations to make sense of these paradoxes. He also reveals the “culture moves” that managers at all levels of the organization can make to map, revitalize, and nurture organizational culture.

Program Insights with Spencer Harrison, INSEAD:
00:05 How do you see the relation between culture and strategy?
01:41 You are using a metaphor ‘comparing culture to chess’. Could you explain why is so?
02:59 What do you mean by the cultural moves?
04:42 You work with organizations like Google, Salesforce, Magna as they develop their culture to help accelerate strategic execution. How you do this?
06:55 What can top managers do to strengthen their culture and adapt it to new realities?
08:53 Can you give us tips and tricks, some practical tools to measure and develop culture?

Learning journey

1. New trends, change challenges and collaborative performance 2. Leading rapid change and strategy execution

Program benefits

  • An ability to map your organizational culture through conversations.
  • A set of interview questions you can use to locate your “culture at its best.”
  • A knowledge of how culture moves in your organization – onboarding, inboarding, and outboarding – and how you can build these processes in your organization.

Participant profile

  • Top managers who are managing strategic priorities, developing and leading effective teams and establishing a sustained competitive advantage in their organizations
  • Senior executives board members and CEOs
  • C-suite executives of large and mid-sized organizations
  • Regional managing directors
  • Entrepreneurs (Directors & Owners)


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Delivery & Organisation

  • Duration: 2 days, 2 modules
  • Delivery language: English
  • A modern, relaxed and creative learning environment
  • Personal approach and full commitment to your needs
  • Limited class size


Spencer Harrison

Associate Professor - Organisational Behaviour
Europe Campus I INSEAD

Programme FEE & Dates

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After 30 July 2021 the application fee per person is 1.900,00 € (+VAT).

Application fee includes:

  • Lecturing and organizational part of the programme with refreshments, breakfast, lunches and tasting dinner.
  • Workshop materials with a paper book.

Accommodation (one night) in the hotel is not included.

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