Business academy for companies and organisations that want to benefit from Data Analytics and AI in their daily business and company strategy.

About the academy

Date: TBC

Delivery language: English

Format: live online sessions

4 modules | 33 teaching hours | strategy playbook | live online

AI in Business Boot Camp allows you to explore and learn how decision-makers on various levels of the company can use and exploit Data Analytics and AI in their businesses to grow revenue, reduce costs, and build a competitive advantage. AI helps you to understand your company better and explore the company’s dependencies and vulnerabilities related to global markets, supply chains, competitors, as well as relevant policies and regulations. It helps to predict, plan, and optimize your daily operations but also to shape your business strategies.

 The programme combines a variety of the world’s top lecturers, researchers, practitioners, business cases, simulations, group work, and individual feedback into a dynamic and efficient 4-day-course.




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  • Learn how to build a Data Analytics and AI strategy playbook that will help you compete in today’s data-driven economy;
  • Get insights into the abilities, potentials, and capacities of state-of-the-art Data Analytics, tools, and AI methods;
  • Use practical guidelines on how to implement Data Analytics and AI in your business and develop your skills.

For whom?

  • All of you who believe that there is a significant added value of AI in business;
  • Anyone who would like to implement Data Analytics & AI into their company and business strategy;
  • Executives and business leaders;
  • Chief AI and technology officers;
  • Consulting professionals;
  • Business owners;
  • Others.


  • 4 hours / module: Lecture on a topic
  • 2 hours / module: Case studies with an emphasis on a module topic, interactive discussion and group mentorship
  • 5 mentorship hours in total: Group and individual mentorship on AI Strategy Playbook
  • 5 hours in total: Individual work on your AI Strategy Playbook

4 modules | 33 teaching hours | 6 hours/day


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The programme will give you an overview of the specifics of AI usage in various industries:  

  1. AI-driven forecasting: prediction of the market movements, supply, and demand (for energy, funds, insurance companies and other trading companies);
  2. AI and automation for process optimisation (for manufacturing, automotive companies),
  3. AI-powered marketing and sales: understanding our market data, what our customers want and think, and improving loyalty programs using AI (for merchants, banks, telecommunications, etc.).

AI Strategy Playbook

During the programme, you will create your own AI Strategy Playbook, which will be based on your own business challenges. After the programme, the AI Strategy Playbook can be used as the fundamental for your business strategy of the Data Analytics and AI implementation in your company. You will have an opportunity to collaborate with business mentors and mentors from the industry, as well as experts in Data Analytics and AI.

At the end of the programme, you will have an opportunity to present your AI Strategy Playbook in front of the AI committee and mentors. After a successful presentation, you will receive a certificate which proves your competence to carry out the design and implementation process of AI business strategy in a company or organisation.


After completion of the AI Boot Camp, you will have an opportunity to present and orally defend a business strategy of AI implementation in your company. Following the approval of the programme committee, you will receive a certificate which proves your competence to design and implement the process of AI business strategy in a company.


Excited, full of new knowledge and ideas.
I have three points of view why I enjoyed this boot camp so much: 1. Legislation - I need it for near future, educational needs, 2. Leadership - what can we expect from AI in reali ... ty, what can we do already, how to approach implementation, 3. Data Analytics - for my future career plan. I would recommend to all managers that think AI is avoidable, so after the boot camp hopefully they will at least realize that AI is here. And to everyone that is interested in AI technology and did not have the opportunity to learn about it. Svjetlana Maksimović, Transport manager, Gebruder Weiss d.o.o. Read more
Inspiring and interactive.
I was inspired the most from the lectures given by Professor John Soldatos and Professor Miha Škerlavaj. The Harvard simulation on leadership challenges was the most interactive w ... ay to participate. I would recommend AI in Business Boot Camp to anyone who is interested in AI and would like to learn the basic concepts or improve existing knowledge. The Boot Camp is also suitable for individuals who would like to implement AI into their business or those who have ideas about a potential AI business, as you can get a lot of useful feedback from experts in the field. Ema Globovnik, FroomCare Read more
Intensive knowledge acquisition.
Intensive knowledge acquisition. Personally, the most beneficial topics were the integration between different business challenges and the appropriate AI technology to address eac ... h challenge. I know different technologies, but not in detail which one to use in which case. Secondly, the concept of change management is of course the most memorable for me, because it was linked to a simulation. I would recommend it to colleagues who are already working in analytics or data management. Jani Pušenjak, Revenue manager, Hotel Slon Read more


Gabriela Bar

Szostek_Bar i Partnerzy Kancelaria Prawna

Božidara Cvetković


Mitja Jermol

Institut "Jožef Stefan"

Mitja Kovač

School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubjana

Aleš Pustovrh

School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubjana

John Soldatos

University of Glasgow, UK

Miha Škerlavaj

School of Economics and Business & BI Norwegian Business School


Programme start: TBC
Application deadline: TBC

The price for the BOOT CAMP is 1,950 euros (without VAT).


  • 30% discount for individual attendees (self payments);
  • 30% discount for more than three attendees from the same company or organisation;
  • 15% discount for members of Alumni EF.

Discounts do not add up and cannot be combined.

GOOGLE SCHOLARSHIPS provides scholarships to encourage people of various backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities to excel in technology and become leaders in the field. Women in tech, women in top management, social entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations, as well as entrepreneurs from small and medium enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe, will receive a 60% discount for the AI BOOT CAMP (the final price with the scholarship is 780 euros without VAT). The number of scholarships is limited to 30.

Who is eligible for a Google Scholarship?

  • AI experts from small and medium businesses from CEE region;
  • SME managers from CEE region;
  • Women in management;
  • Women in AI;
  • Students and PhD students with a focus on AI in business;
  • Social entrepreneurs and NGOs.

No refunds can be made for cancellations received less than 8 days before the start of the programme. In the case of a no-show, there will be no refund of the programme fee.

After filling out the registration form, you will receive the confirmation in your inbox.

An invoice will be delivered to the address provided in the registration after the program starts.

*Academy has ended. If you would like to be informed about new date, please fill out the form below and we will contact you. 

    General Information:

    ConnectAI project supported by: 

    ConnectAI BOOT CAMP-Google

    Brought to you by:

    ConnectAI BOOT CAMP-IRCAI    ConnectAI BOOT CAMP-SEBLU      ConnectAI BOOT CAMP-Jožef Stefan Institute