dr. Darija Aleksić

Darija teaches the Project Management course at SEB LU, where she encourages students to develop innovative business models for their ideas related to the cultural and creative industries. She has a rich experience in guiding students to find the creative solution and prepare all the plans needed to implement the proposed solutions. In 2020, Darija and the clients mentored 18 groups of students who developed innovative and gamified solutions for cultural tourism.  After the course, two groups of students submitted their projects to the call for proposals “Promotion of Creative and Cultural Industries – Center for Creativity”, conducted by Slovenian Ministry of Culture. One group received funding for their project (i.e. €40,000). In 2021, Darija supervised 15 groups of students who worked on the project, where students developed innovative business models to spread awareness of Slovenia’s rich wine culture. The project was carried out in cooperation with a Slovenian company and we hope to sell the modified versions of developed solutions to some Slovenian winemakers. In 2020, Darija gave the lecture titled “The role of startups and the importance of cultural entrepreneurship in crisis situations”, which was presented at the Summer School of Cultural Management at SEB LU.