Spencer Harrison

Spencer Harrison is an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD.

His area of expertise focuses on three areas: 1) Creating: how do managers and leaders help people be creative together together? Professor Harrison is currently studying Grammy winning bands, modern dancers, and t-shirt designers to see how this happens. 2) Coordinating: how do groups and teams work together in patterns that lead to optimal outcomes? He examines how individuals can survive a plane crash, people that are amazingly passionate about their work (rock climbers and architects), and how networks of really smart people that fly rockets figure out how humans might live on Mars. 3) Connecting: how do people connect with the organisations they work for? He is working with Fortune 100 firms to dial in not only how new employees can better adjust to their work, but also how these companies can actually learn from their new employees.

Spencer studies creativity, coordination, and culture. His research includes work with Google, Salesforce, Marvel Studios, Black Diamond, Modern Dancers, T-shirt designers, and plane crash survivors among others. He originally studied poetry (he prefers Tanka), grew up rockclimbing (he spends mornings bouldering), and is fascinated by curiosity (especially when it comes from his children). He is a co-founder of the Creativity Collaboratorium, a group of creativity scholars that meet once a year and he serves on the boards of AMJ and AMD was the Chair of the MOC Division at the Academy of Management.