dr. Trilce Navarrete Hernandez

Trilce Navarrete is a specialist in the economic and historic aspects of digital heritage.

She is currently Lecturer in Cultural Economics at the Erasmus University. Her research merges theories of economics, heritage, and information science to support understanding of the changes in digital heritage production, distribution and consumption brought by the adoption of digital technology. 

Navarrete is advisor at the European Group of Museum Statistics (EGMUS), board member of the International Committee of Documentation of the International Council of Museums (CIDOC), chair of the Iberoamerican working group (DOMINO), and regular guest lecturer at various Museology programs worldwide. She has contributed to the creation of the European statistics for digital heritage (ENUMERATE), has served as advisor for the creation and evaluation of (national) digital infrastructures, and has collaborated in several European funded research projects, including RICHES, the Virtual Multimodal Museum (ViMM), and Citizen Heritage. Navarrete was responsible for the first national account of the economic and historic development of digital Dutch museums.

Navarrete is co-founder of the Economists Talk Art blog and the Cultural Economics Online Seminar series.

Personal website https://trilcenavarrete.com/