Ljubljana MBA, WOMEN FOR WOMEN: Erika Braukyliene Prismontaite

*V nadaljevanju objavljamo intervju z Eriko Braukyliene Prismontaite. Intervju je objavljen v angleškem jeziku.

What is the best business/ or any decision you’ve ever made?
One of my best decisions that I made is to work and study at the same time. This brought me a lot of practical knowledge and enriched my studies tremendously. I was an early bird – I had much more time, focus and energy to strive for and work on what I have achieved so far.

Also, to take risks and not to be afraid to take challenges which for starters seamed too big of a bite for me.

What are the most important decisions/challenges/values that you face daily in your organization?
Probably the biggest challenge of any organization is bringing and having right people on board. Organizations are led by people, their inner drive, motivation and values. Without a right mix – it’s less likely to build an agile, fast organization which would be a ground beaker in the industry.

What’s an accomplishment that you are most proud of?
The latest achievement that I am proud off is my team which I had developed in these past years. Together we have built an entire sales and performance culture in the organization from the scratch.  These young women will be top managers some day!

Would you say that there is more women on the top positions in Slovenia or Lithuania?
Not quite sureJ. Till now seems that in both countries we have more males in top positions.

But I do get the sense that Lithuania is getting closer to Nordic style, when more and more women get on the top of the ladder. Though glass ceiling is still an issue – even in my current organization we have only one female C level manager and only 3 C-1 (out of 10).

Why did you choose FELU MBA programme?
Firstly, I have chosen it as I wanted to learn from other top managers. Get their experience, point of view and widen mine.

Secondly, because of the  programme and professors. The programme is built in a way that it creates all needed environment, not only to study but as well to work together with your classmates.

Thirdly, because of the attention and personalization that I have received during all the study time. It was an amazing experience! I still remember all the professors and coordinators with warmest memories.

As an individual and professional how do you operate today (after the MBA)?  What’s different from before, during the MBA time?
Classes strengthened me even more as an individual and as a professional. Soon after finishing the classes, I have moved on to a higher position in one of online financial companies. I am extremely happy about this decision, as I have not only moved to a completely different industry, but as well I could share my knowledge and learn completely new things myself.

When you’re really busy, how do you manage to find balance in your life?
First rule which I have – not to talk and think about work at home. Yes, schedule is challenging and overtime is a regular practice. But I would rather wake up 2 hours earlier than stay long nights at work and sacrifice cosy evenings with my loved once. Without proper family happiness, I would not be able to perform at work. Therefore, I place my family first – always. I encourage my team to do so as well.

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